My first interview to tourists

Today I went to Umeda to hand-out Minoh Falls leaflets to tourists. I saw a skating rink was set up specially in front of JR Osaka Station. You can enjoy skating here until Feb 15th 2015. It is opened from 12:00 to 21:00 and entrance fee is 1,500 yen including shoe rental fee. I think it’s nice to see the skating rink which lights up at night in such a place like Umeda. Let’s get back to the story of spreading Minoh Falls. I saw a nice family from France. They couldn’t speak Japanese or English very much but they tried to listen to my guidance for Minoh Falls attentively. Tough they were going back to France today, they promised me that they’ll visit the falls next time. After seeing the family, I met two international students from Denmark and France. I am so lucky that they accepted my video interview. You can watch it from the youtube link below. They were so smart and nice to give good advice for new coming visitors to Japan.


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