Minoh is where I’ve lived for a long time.  It is a very nice town to visit and is surrounded by beautiful nature and historical buildings.  Minoh Falls is the main attraction and has been loved by Japanese people for more than 1,000 years. 
  However,  the falls and the city is not known to tourists from foreign countries very much despite it being close to Umeda (or central Osaka).  For such a reason I made this site with detailed instructions as to which train you should take, and how to transfer to get to Minoh Falls.  I hope that more and more people will hear about Minoh Falls and get to visit Minoh City. 
  As a citizen of Minoh, I feel like it is my mission to keep spreading this special place to nature lovers all over the world.  I will keep updating this site and hand-out free leaflets to tourists in downtown Osaka.  Since I am doing this as a volunteer,  I would be very happy to receive any donations if possible to enable me to keep my activities up, but it is completely up to you.  
 You can donate to me by using the cart below.  Please choose the amount and click “Add to Cart”.  Thank you for visiting my site and I hope that I see many of you in Minoh someday soon!



2014/10/29 Tomo