A police man who died on duty in Minoh.

About 100 meters before the Minoh Falls, there is a stone monument of the first chief of Minoh Police,Momohito Gouda. On July 11th, 1951, the Minoh River was being flooded with a localized torrential downpour. Gouda lead a rescue team of three subordinate officers and headed for Minoh Falls to rescue residents in danger.  Once they reached near the Falls, they encountered people in the shop right next to the waterfall indeed of rescue, but the road was flooding in torrents of water making it impossible to proceed. It was then that Chief Gouda courageously went ahead as clinging closely to the walls of the mountain side. After awhile the ground beneath him crumbled down and he was carried away to be swallowed up by the muddy stream which he could no longer survive. It is written on his stone monument honoring him as being brave and open-minded through his life and how the residents adored him. As a citizen of Minoh, I am so proud of him because we can see the beautiful Minoh Waterfalls today thanks to people like Gouda who contributed to the Falls and Minoh city.

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